Why Do We Even Need Teeth?

Why Do We Need Teeth?

Fixing your teeth can change your overall appearance
Look carefully at the two photos above. Now tell me who do you think is healthier? Who do you think is happier? Who do you think enjoys his or her life more? And who would you rather be friends with? Luckily in this case, it turns out that they are photos of the same person. As you can see, having nice, healthy teeth really makes a big impact on how others perceive you. Your teeth do more than just chew and cut your food; they help you look good and feel beautiful. Here are some other things your teeth do which you may not be fully aware of:

Better Speech

Your teeth help you speak and pronounce your words. If you have a tooth or two missing, pronouncing words like "S" or "F" becomes challenging.

Tasting Food

Your teeth have nerve endings inside of them which contribute to tasting your meals. Many people without teeth complain about a loss of taste sensation. Your teeth allow you to enjoy your meals more.


People with missing teeth go out of their way to hide their smile. They don't smile as much, tilt their heads when talking to cover up missing teeth and learn to maneuver their lips to cover their teeth when speaking.

Jawbone Preservation

Ever seen grandpa without his teeth and noticed how weak and fragile he looks? Losing your teeth leads to gradual bone loss in your jaws. One of the most important roles of your teeth is to preserve this valuable jawbone. People with missing teeth develop very weak and fragile jaw structure over time. This increases the possibility of jaw fracture and TMJ problems.

Life Expectancy

Losing your teeth affects more than just oral health, it affects your overall well-being. Being toothless can cause digestive problems, diabetes and other medical issues. On average, people with all of their teeth missing tend to live less as compared to those with healthy teeth.


I hope I've shown you how important caring for your teeth is. It all starts with three things:
  • Brushing and flossing your teeth thoroughly and regularly
  • Watching your diet, particularly your sugary intake
  • Visiting your dentist regularly
Now that you understand the importance of having teeth, it's time to put that chocolate bar away and go brush your teeth! Thanks for reading.

Brush 'n Floss Yo Teeth!
Ali John Jazayeri, DDS
Oceansight Dental & Implants


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