How Long Does it Take To Complete a Dental Implant?

How Long Does it Take To Complete A Dental Implant? 

Completing a dental implant can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 years!

To answer this question, you first need to understand the parts that construct a dental implant.
Most dental implants have three separate parts:

(1) Implant Fixture

This is the screw which is placed into your jawbone. The implant fixture is the part most commonly referred to as the “implant” itself even though it’s only one of three parts. Once you receive the fixture, you have no actual tooth to show for since the fixture is placed underneath your gums.

(2) Implant Abutment

The implant abutment is the intermediate part which connects the fixture to your crown.

(3) Implant Crown

The implant crown is the final piece of the implant which you will receive. This is the actual tooth that you’ve been waiting for. So while you probably only care about the actual implant crown, you must receive the fixture and abutment first.

Now that you understand the parts to a dental implant, let’s examine how long it takes to receive your actual implant crown (the tooth themselves):

Same-Day Dental Implant

Receiving your entire dental implant in one day is rare and risky. Very few dentists actually do this and it can only be done under special circumstances. This is because the implant fixture takes a few months to heal before you can place a permanent tooth on top of the fixture. If the fixture hasn’t properly healed, your implant will fail and you will lose it. Most teeth-in-a-day advertisements give you a temporary tooth the same day and wait a few months to give you your permanent tooth. Cases that qualify for same day implant placement and restoration include missing single front teeth or completely toothless patients.

3 to 6 Months Healing

This is the most common waiting period for simple dental implant cases. You will receive your dental implant fixture on your first appointment, wait 3 to 6 months for the implant to integrate, and then receive your implant crown. Think about when you break your leg and you want it to heal properly. You need to put your leg in a cast and not walk on it for 3 to 4 weeks. The same concept applies to dental implants, except the wait is a bit longer for teeth due to the high stress of chewing.

6 Months to 1 Year 

This is the common waiting period for complex treatments which require bone augmentation. If you don’t have enough bone, your dentist needs to perform bone augmentation treatment, such as block graft or sinus graft, prior to placing your implants. In such cases, you have to wait one time for the bone to heal and a second time for the dental implant to integrate. Most all-on-four treatments take about this long as well.

1 Year +

Waiting this long to receive your teeth may seem like a very long time. However, complex cases such as those involving full mouth teeth removal and dental implants, can easily take over a year to complete. Also, if you run into complications, like when the implant gets rejected, then treatment times can also take upwards of a year.

So How Long Will My Treatment Actually Take? 

It really depends. Each case is unique and different. Just keep in mind that rushing things usually does not work out too well. Feel free to discuss your treatment time with your dentist but be aware that it may actually take longer to complete your work. The important thing is that your treatment is done correctly and lasts you a lifetime. If you live in Southern California and like to book a complimentary dental implant consultation, contact us to learn more about your implant options.

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Ali John Jazayeri, DDS


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